Prabakar, S


Hutschenreuther Very Designed Pasta Plates

06th May 2008
Paul Muller's factory was founded in 1890 and specialized in the manufacturing of porcelain tableware.The back stamp with the crown in the picture was acquired by Hutschenreuther in 1917. Between 1943 and 1957 Hutschenreuther rented this factory to "Porze... Read >

Theresienthal Glass Products

10th April 2008
Theresienthal Delicate tripods injected with vivid color are the fruits of designer artist arne quinze's collaborative project for die festalten verlag's "fragiles" exhibition at design miami 2007. For this project, quinze collaborated with the bavarian g... Read >

Italian Plates of Richard Ginori

19th March 2008
Richard Ginori 1735 is a perfect synthesis between great historical experience and vanguard know-how which allows to expand not only the field of porcelain, in a wide range of proposals. The wide range of objects in porcelain or in thin, very fine, or dou... Read >

Fornasetti Plates by Rosenthal

10th March 2008
Piero Fornasetti (1913-1988) was known for decorating everyday objects with fanciful motifs. The most famous is the 19th-century black-and-white magazine image of a woman's face, which he adapted for a series of dinner plates. Piero Fornasetti lived and w... Read >

Details of Arzberg Dinnerware

20th January 2008
German porcelain factory, Arzberg, manufactured this pair of cups and saucers in around 1985 as part of its commercial range of contemporary teaware. The post-modern, transfer-printed patterns contrast the traditional porcelain forms. Arzberg has made fun... Read >

Use of Banana Tree

10th October 2007
I am telling you about the nature's Gift named "Banana". Here I am giving you the facts and benefits one gets by using the Banana. Apart from using Banana fruits as food item, the plant's other parts such as trunk, leaves, flower and Raw banana are also g... Read >